Meade Telescope StarNavigator Mount, Tripod, Autostar 497 paddle

Meade StarNavigator Autostar GOTO Mount , Tripod and  497 Hand paddle

Here is a great little 1 arm mount and hand control.  The mount is strong and tested to make sure it works perfectly.  Also, I strengthen the altitude assembly and adjust the azimuth tension.  This makes it much more likely to last a long time without any problems.  So it is BETTER THAN NEW!  The mount has 4 screws in a square pattern so you can bolt clamshells or L brackets onto it for various tubes or cameras.  This mount is almost all metal!  Very little plastic. 


DS-2000 generation II mount head

497 Autostar hand control with tracking, goto, 9 slew speeds, and variable speeds.

Great for small scopes or cameras!

A variety of clamshell sizes are available for this mount (sold separately)

Tested, adjusted and strengthened.  Better than NEW!

Cream white color

Grab this very capable mount and hand paddle for the retail price of the hand paddle alone!  You can't beat the deal!

Meade Telescope StarNavigator Mount, Tripod, Autostar 497 paddle
  • Item #: Starnav mount-tri-paddle
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Price $184.95