4.5" or 6" Reflector Tube 1.25" Newtonian Focuser NEW!

Replacement Focuser for 4.5" or 6" Reflecting Telescope Tubes

Includes 1.25"  focuser back

This is a direct replacement for the older Meade 1.25" black focusers with the black metal barrel.  Even the mounting holes are the same!


Brand NEW (but no box) rack and pinion focuser for newtonian reflector telescopes or any other scope you can adapt this to.  This comes with a 1.25" metal screw on top. This is made for a 4.5" or a 6" diameter tube - it comes with the adapter plate. Both tubes and gears are made of metal.  Racked in with the 1.25" top it is 4" from the tube.  Racked out it is almost 7" from the tube.   If you need a newtonian style focuser for a project or if your focuser is shot get this one for a replacement! You can pay $30 to $50 for a focuser like this but why, when you can get this one for much less!  WE SHIP PROMPTLY - USUALLY THE SAME DAY!

Note: does not include the mounting hardware

4.5" or 6"  Reflector Tube 1.25" Newtonian Focuser NEW!
  • Item #: 4.5" 6" Newtonian Focuser
  • Condition: New
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