Deluxe Economy 45 degree 1.25" correct image diagonal EXCELLENT!

1.25" 45 Degree BIG PRISM Correct Image Diagonal

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Brand new, but no box,  1.25" deluxe economy model 45 degree correct image diagonal.  Get the whole picture from your 45 degree diagonal!  This one has a prism so LARGE that there is no stop in the field of view.  Wow!  I like that.  You will too.  You get the complete 1.1" wide view with this one (1.1" is the inside diameter of the front barrel).  Check your 45 degree diagonal, you will most likely find that the aperture is stopped down.  if you use a 32mm or 40mm plossl you will find the field of view collapses with stopped down diagonals when you put your eye up to them.  With this diagonal the field of view will not collapse when your eye is on the rubber eyecup which is pretty important in the bright daytime.  If you have a refractor or schmidt cassegrain or maksutov telescope and want a totally correct image but don't want to spend alot of money, this is the 45 degree diagonal for you. It works great. It has a very large, full aperture prism (bigger than diagonals that cost twice as much) and the barrels are metal.  The center body that holds the prism is plastic.  Now you can get the correct image you want for a very low cost! If you want a correct image and you DON'T WANT TO PAY $50 OR MORE FOR IT, than get this one! At this price, you can't go wrong!  FREE USA SHIPPING!

Deluxe Economy 45 degree 1.25" correct image diagonal EXCELLENT!
  • Item #: 1.25" 45 Degree Diagonal
  • Condition: New
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