Meade 08025 Readiview Handheld Compact Portable Microscope

Meade #08025 Rediview Handheld Portable Compact Microscope - New Old Stock

We got these on a closeout from meade.  This is 1/2 the price they sold at retail stores!

From Meade's site:

Meade ReadiView Microscope #08020. This radically unconventional microscope design is designed for portability and ease of use. Essentially a “pocket microscope” it is great for kids, hiking, camping, students, or as a compact microscope to keep in your RV or backpack.

ReadiView is highly versatile and can fulfill a wide range of applications. Features two magnification levels, 80X and 160X magnification. This means that objects viewed through Meade ReadiView pocket microscope is 80 or 160 times larger then they would appear to the unaided eye. As a bonus feature the eyepiece itself may be removed from the body of the microscope with a gentle pull and be used independently as a 10X magnification viewer.

This unique design has a lighting arm which conveniently folds down and out of the way for storage. Power for the lighting arm is provided by two (user-supplied) AA batteries. Another novel feature of this microscope is the magnetic slide holder, which securely holds your slides or specimens in place, rather than having the traditional “clips”. Includes two slides: one already prepared with a specimen and one left blank, so you can prepare your own specimens on the go.

Dimensions are approximately 4" long by 6" wide and 1.5" high. Weight is 1 Pound. Readiview is compact and portable - perfect for use in the field! Observations can be made without damaging the specimen. You will be able to view biological slides and solid objects as well; light transmission through the specimen is not required as illumination is direct. Illuminator requires two AA batteries (not included).


We bought this new old stock directly from Meade - they are brand new, in the original box.  Comes with instruction sheet and a nice plastic travel case.  Also comes with 2 specimen slides.  This is a cool compact microscope that has many uses.  Great for kids and a great gift idea!  Don't wait too long - we have a limited supply of these and when they are gone, they are gone!

Meade 08025 Readiview Handheld Compact Portable Microscope
  • Item #: Meade Readiview Micro
  • Manufacturer: Meade
  • Condition: New
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