9MM .965 inch Meade telescope eyepiece H9mm

Brand new 9MM .965" eyepiece. This eyepiece was made by Meade. Although it does not have the Meade name on it, we got this new from the Meade factory. It is one of the eyepieces that comes with their small telescopes. This comes with case, chromed barrel and filter threads. This is a pretty nice eyepiece for a Huygens. If you need a medium-high power eyepiece for your 50 or 60mm refractor or 3" or 4.5" reflector and they take .965" eyepieces I recommend this one.

9MM .965 inch Meade telescope eyepiece H9mm
  • Item #: Meade .965" H9mm
  • Manufacturer: Meade
  • Condition: New
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Price $5.99