Meade 1.25" Color CMOS Video USB Camera Electronic Eyepiece

Meade Color USB PC-Camera Electronic Eyepiece - NEW!
This is a very nice color video camera that plugs into any USB computer port and displays live streaming color video from your telescope. It plugs into your scope just like a 1.25" eyepiece. It is sensitive enough to use with the moon, planets, and stars to 10th magnitude with an 8" scope, and with a good solar filter you can also use it with the sun. This would be perfect for the coming TOTAL ECLIPSE IN 2017!  But there is more: It comes with a wired remote control button that allows you to FRAME GRAB OR TAKE STILL PICTURE without any shaking of the camera or telescope! The Meade autostar suite software is easy to use and excellent. It allows you to set the camera for daytime or nighttime exposures. Auto or manual exposure times. So if you want to keep track of a far away birds' nest, YOU CAN WITH THIS CAMERA and software. Also the software allows you to enhance your still frames to get the very best picture possible and even do special effects.This truly is an amazing setup but more amazing is the price! If you ever wanted to try color electronic photography with your telescope you can do it now for a very very low price! Here are the specs of the camera: 640x480 pixels. Color CMOS camera. USB compatible. Tested on a Windows 7 64-bit computer with the supplied software disk. Does not work with WIN 7 or 8.  Remote still frame shutter control and Autostar suite CD software included. 
Meade 1.25" Color CMOS Video USB Camera Electronic Eyepiece
  • Item #: Meade Electronic Eyepiece
  • Manufacturer: Meade
  • Condition: New
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