8" 203mm f/3.9 Spherical Mirror with 2-3/4" Secondary F=800mm

203mm 8" Spherical Mirror Kit - Great Value!

NOTE:  Spherical mirrors can be pulled into a parabolic curve by a method known as flexing.  The result is often better than a polished parabolic mirror if done properly as parabolic mirror generally have a rough surface and spherical mirrors generally have a smooth surface.  Here is a link about mirror flexing to answer any questions about it:  http://www.skyandtelescope.com/wp-content/uploads/Adler-MirrorFlex.pdf

Need a replacement mirror or building your own telescope?  This is what you get:

8" f/3.9 spherical mirror, focal length = 800mm, coated and ready to mount (holder is not included).
2-3/4" minor axis secondary flat, also coated - spider and holder are not included.

Since this is a big fast mirror, F3.9 and a sphere, you will not get clear high power viewing with it, but for deep sky it will be fine.  If you want good clear images up to 200x, you can make a 3" diameter off axis opening, cardboard is fine, and then you will have a 3" F12 refractor-like quality image that should be sharp to 200x.  So now you can build a deep sky and planetary scope for a very low cost.  We have finderscopes, focusers and eyepieces at great prices on our ebay store, Telescope Warehouse.

This is a perfect replacement mirror set - we bought these directly from our supplier and are passing the savings onto our eBay customers - this is a great price for new optics!  Also great for experimenters - make your own telescope!  We have focusers and eyepieces in our store, check us out!

8" 203mm f/3.9 Spherical Mirror with 2-3/4" Secondary F=800mm
  • Item #: 8" f/3.9 Mirror Kit F=800mm
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