2.5" Edmund Telescope Newtonian Mirror & Secondary

2.5" Primary & Secondary - Hard to Find!

Brand new Edmund Corp.  2.5" f/10 high quality spherical telescope mirror. A 2.5" mirror at f/10 in a spherical curve is well within the 1/4 wave Dawes limit for optimum resolution, so you get a planetary quality mirror capable of 60x per inch of magnification with clear views! Aluminum first surface coated. Plate glass material, but in a mirror this small, Pyrex is not needed as cool down times are about 5 minutes typically. Secondary mirror of 1/2 minor axis" x 3/4" is also included at a great price!

2.5" Edmund Telescope Newtonian Mirror & Secondary
  • Item #: Edmund 2.5" Mirror & Secondary
  • Manufacturer: Edmund
  • Condition: New
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Price $12.99