1.25" Kellner K9mm & K25mm Eyepiece & 2X Barlow and Moon Filter

(new but no box)  OK, so you got a telescope at a garage sale or surplus store but it doesn't have any eyepieces with it.  What do you do?  First measure the opening where the eyepieces go.  It will be 1.25" or .965" in diameter.  If it is 1.25" and the scope looks like it still has the main mirror or lens in it, grab this set of eyepieces and start enjoying your bargain!  If you want to give your old scope to your kid or grand kid but can't find the eyepieces?  Same story.  With this set you get 4 different magnifications.  That should be enough for anybody!  25mm for low power, double that with the 2x barlow to 12.5mm for medium power.  Then you have the 9mm for medium/high power and you can also double that with the 2x barlow for 4.5mm high power.  What does all this mean?  All telescopes have a focal length.  Most are 700mm to 1000mm.  Say you have 1000mm, (it should say near the focuser) just divide the eyepiece focal length, say 25mm into the scope focal length and you have the magnification: 40x.  The smaller the eyepiece millimeter focal length, the higher the power.  Always start with the low power and work your way up.  Telescopes can be lots of fun but you need to be able to change the power for wide views or closeup views.   You won't find a better deal on replacement 1.25" diameter eyepieces anywhere!  Shipping is cheap too.  

These eyepieces have high-quality, coated lenses and comes with an economy 2x barlow. The 25mm eyepiece is a very nice all metal Kellner, and the 9mm is a Kellner design with a rubber eyecup, the economy barlow is generic that gives a nice clear image. (we buy them directly from our supplier).  The barlow has a plastic barrel with glass lenses but works well.  
The very nice 9mm Kellner has a rubber eyecup, with a metal lens housing, chromed metal barrel with filter threads!   This is NOT a cheap plastic eyepiece!  It uses optical glass coated lenses.  The eyepieces both have protective plastic cases and the barlow has dust caps included! Also, we are including a deluxe metal moon filter with a 13% transmission (87% block) with a plastic case!
1.25" Kellner K9mm & K25mm Eyepiece & 2X Barlow and Moon Filter
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