Meade 6x30mm crosshair telescope finder and bracket NEW

Here is a Brand New Meade 6x30 finder and mounting bracket. This is a quality finder with Metal barrel, Metal finder bracket, six metal chromed screws with lock nuts, High Quality Achromatic coated glass objective, 3 element coated glass cross-hair eyepiece. This finder focuses from the front. You unscrew the locking ring in back of the objective housing and simply rotate the objective housing until the image is sharp. then you screw the locking ring back and it is locked into focus! It is 6 power and has a 30mm diameter front lens. You may find a plastic finder and plastic bracket cheaper than this, but you won't find a quality metal finder with sharp, coated optics for this price anywhere else! This is a great bargain for this quality finderscope. Free shipping in the CONUS -- e-mail for foreign shipping fee.

Meade 6x30mm crosshair telescope finder and bracket NEW
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  • Item #: 000272
  • Manufacturer: Meade
  • Condition: New
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Price $24.50