Milapse Mount,Tripod and 497 Deluxe Coronado Package

TELESCOPE SHOWN IS NOT INCLUDED! FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES! Here's a really nice quality Meade single-arm Alt-Az (up-down, right-left) motorized mount. This is the setup used in the now famous MILAPSE youtube video. NOW COMES WITH THE "L" BRACKET! Use this set-up to capture wonderful 360 degree time-lapses images! These are the same mounts used on the Meade DS2000 series telescopes, and easily adapted for us with the Coronado PST and other solar-viewing scopes. And this one comes with the deluxe 497 controller-- go-to and tracking capabilities for over 30,000 night sky objects! Replace your bad mount, pick up a spare, or adapt this mount to work on your telescope -- the Alt-Az mount is the simplest mount made and can be used for dozens of different scopes up to 6.25" tube diameter and weighing as much as 15 pounds. Or you can get creative and adapt it for use with variety of different binoculars or telescopes -- you're only limited by your imagination and skill! Easily adapted to smaller telescopes, cameras , and binoculars by using any type of spacers or home-made adapters. No counter-weights required! This unit comes complete with the tripod, L bracket, accessory tray and Meade 497 deluxe controller, which goes-to and tracks over 30,000 deep sky objects, compass/level and instructions!. Or, it mounts flat to any surface with the supplied single "bolt" that threads directly into the center of the base. The possibilities with this set-up are endless and only limited to your imagination -- mount it to banister rails, picnic tables, adapters from car windows, pick-up truck beds, just about anything you can dream up! We go over each and every one of these with a fine-toothed comb so that they arrive in perfect working condition. This is priced at an unbelievable $249 including shipping in the CONUS. We ship worldwide, email for prices. And remember, NOW COMES WITH AN "L" BRACKET! * Here is information about using this mount with a Coronado Solar Telescope: The Coronado DS Mount, aka the "DSM", is a computer-controlled alt-azimuth mount created as an accessory for solar telescopes like the Coronado PST, SolarMax 40, and SolarMax 60 H-alpha telescopes! * Synch on and track the Sun with the 497 AutoStar controller that comes standard with the Coronado DS Mount. * The DS Mount comes with a DS-200 fork mount, tripod, 497 controller, compass with bubble level, and universal bracket. The Coronado DS Mount offers solar tracking for solar telescopes like the Coronado PST, SolarMax 40, SolarMax 60 on an affordable AutoStar computer-controlled alt-az mount. The DSM includes the DS-2000 fork mount and tripod, a 497 AutoStar controller, compass with bubble level and universal bracket and screws for mounting the PST, SolarMax 40 and SolarMax 60 scopes. Simply level the mount, point the scope north, turn the mount on, slew the scope to the Sun and hold down the GoTo key to sync on the Sun.
Milapse Mount,Tripod and 497 Deluxe Coronado Package
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