CD-ROM Astronomy Interactive Media: Outer Space Book

You get a big (11" X 9") colorful 32 page hardcover book with lots of pictures and good information plus a CD-ROM Factfinders Interactive Multimedia: OUTER SPACE

Leap into space and find out everything you need to know about outer space and spaceflight in this combined book and CD-ROM! Click on the interactive buttons and hidden
hotspots to find out what planets are made of and how rockets work! Learn all about the universe, space exploration, black holes, famous astronomers and spacecraft!
Packed with information, OUTER SPACE is a fun-filled educational resource. easy to use and install, it is the ideal multimedia package for children aged 3 to 10 who will be
fascinated for hours as they absorb the facts, hear the sounds, and explore the animations!

System Requirements:
486 DX66 processor or higher
CD-ROM drive
256 colors VGA
16-bit sound card or higher
18 MB free hard drive space
Headphones or speakers
Mouse or compatible pointing device
Windows XP and under.
For Windows 7 users:
Visit to emulate Windows XP on your computer, thus allowing you to run this program.
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What is space?  What is a galaxy?  What is a Solar System?  What is the Sun?  What are planets made of?  Could people live on the moon?  What is an asteroid belt?  Why do star twinkle?  How are stars formed?  What is a constellation?  Who were the first astronomers?  How are spacecraft launched?  Who were the first astronauts?  How can we find out more?
All the questions a budding young scientist wants answered in a big fun book and cd rom!  Published in 1998.

CD-ROM Astronomy Interactive Media: Outer Space Book
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