Meade MA40 40mm .965" low power eyepiece - SLIGHT BLEM

BRAND NEW, BUT HAS A FEW SMALL BUBBLES IN THE GLASS LENS - VERY LITTLE AFFECT ON THE VIEW. Meade .965" MA40, 40MM focal length low power telescope eyepiece. This is a low cost eyepiece, but how does it perform? Very nicely! It is THE LOWEST POWER eyepiece you can find in .965" and probably the only one on Ebay! Bright, clear and sharp and has approximately a 32 degree apparent field of view! Not bad, but there is more: the antireflection blue coated eyelens is 5/8" in diameter, so it has great eye relief. so good in fact, you can easily see the whole field of view with eyeglasses on! This is a quality eyepiece made in Taiwan. It is all metal and glass, NO PLASTIC! It has a chromed metal barrel with filter threads! This also has a protective plastic case included.This is way way better than the standard huygens eyepieces in the .965" size. If you want a very nice low power eyepiece for under $15 brand new, I don't think you will find any other eyepiece that is even close in overall performance and value. Retail cost was $29.95 when this was in stores. Because this eyepiece is now discontinued from the Meade lineup, and has a slight blem, it is a really excellent deal.

Meade MA40 40mm .965"  low power eyepiece - SLIGHT BLEM
  • Item #: Meade .965 MA40 Blem
  • Manufacturer: Meade
  • Condition: New
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Price $8.95