Tasco telescope eyepiece Motor Focuser model 1603EF

Tasco Motorized Focuser 1603EF
Brand new! (new old stock - box is worn, contents are new)
This is a very nice motorized focuser for almost all tasco scopes and many other brands that have focusers for .965" eyepieces.
The pictures show how it attaches to a Meade .965" focuser (focuser not included)
Also with some adaptations you can use it with many 1.25" focusers.  Google tasco 1603EF and you will see the ways that some have adapted it. Also: here are a couple of informational links that show different ways to mount the focuser:
Best of all, it does not cost $120, or $70 or even $50 like most motorized focusers.  It is much less here and works great!  I tried it and it is very smooth.  Also if you don't want to use the motor, just push the clutch button on the side and focus normally!  That ability is very cool as batteries can fail or you want to move the focuser a long way quickly.
Get one for your .965" eyepiece scope or just to experiment with.  
Tasco telescope eyepiece Motor Focuser model 1603EF
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  • Item #: 1030
  • Manufacturer: Tasco
  • Condition: New
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