.965" telescope Basic Camera Adapter Japan T thread

Here is a brand NEW .965" basic camera adapter.

This is a very high quality anodized alumium adapter with male t threads at the top and  a .965" barrel at the bottom.  It is a 2 piece unit that unscrews.  you can use it as a direct .965" to T adapter or use the top part and put in a .965" eyepiece to achieve high power photographs or images. This is a great way to hook up a camera to a telescope.   You can also unscrew the .965" bottom part and use a 1.25" to T adapter (not included) or 2" to T adapter (not included) to attach this to your scope.  A very versatile and practical part for those who want to do imaging or photography with their scope.  Super high Japanese quality.  Also, where can you get a .965" to T adapter anywhere else now days?  You could pay $40 for this in a store but not here!

.965" telescope Basic Camera Adapter Japan T thread
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  • Item #: 10005
  • Manufacturer: Tasco
  • Condition: New
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Price $15.00