Telescope Mount slow motion extension Cable 4.5" Long

Telescope Mount Extension Cable - 4.5" long

Here is a slow motion extension cable for telescope mounts.  This works on most small mounts from China, Taiwan, and Japan.  Any small mount with 6MM diameter slow motion shafts.  6MM is just under 1/4" in diameter.

These are Extremely hard to find so if you need one of these you should order now!  These are brand new, made in China (of course).  They look and work fine and the price is low compared to the prices I have seen before (when I could find them).

This slides onto the mount slow motion shafts and locks onto them with set screws.  Then you can manually move your mount very slowly to adjust for the earths' rotation or center the object you want to view.

These will only work on mounts that have slow motion shafts.

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Telescope Mount slow motion extension Cable 4.5" Long
  • Item #: Short Ext cable-single
  • Condition: New
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