1.25" Basic Camera Adapter T thread filter threads Astro Photo

1.25" Basic Camera Adapter w/ Filter Threads - Great Value!

This is an all metal black anodized quality product

  • The 2 piece 1.25" Basic Camera Adapter attaches to your SLR or DSLR camera on one end and your telescope on the other.
  • Allows you to do prime focus (directly from you telescope with no eyepiece)
  • To do this you just unscrew the bottom piece off the long back assembly, screw your t ring on and attach your camera and put the assembly into your 1.25" focuser.
  •  or high power eyepiece projection photography.
  • To do this you keep the assembly together in one long piece and put your 1.25" eyepiece inside the long part and lock it in with the supplied set screw sticking out the side of the unit, then attach your t ring and camera to the back of the assembly, put it into your 1.25" focuser and you are ready for high power photography.
  • A T-Ring (sold separately) for your specific camera brand is necessary, and fits between your camera body and the 1.25" Basic Camera Adapter (we have them in our eBay store).

Want to take pictures of the moon and planets or deep sky through your telescope? The Basic Camera Adapter is the simplest way to get started. It attaches to your telescope by sliding into either the 1.25" focuser or eyepiece holder, and then your SLR or DSLR camera attaches to the other end of the adapter via a T-Ring (sold separately - we have them in our eBay store) made specifically for your camera brand (Nikon, Canon, etc.).

1.25"  Basic Camera Adapter T thread filter threads Astro Photo
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