Meade 07276 #134 .965 2x Barlow Lens - High Quality, Japan

Meade 07276 #134 .965 2x Barlow - Made in Japan

From Meade's Site:

Meade 134 Barlow Lens. .965" barrel diameter.  New in the box. This is a high quality barlow made in Japan.  It has a solid metal barrel and housing and a coated cemented achromtic quality sharp lens.   The bottom of the barlow is threaded for .965" filters.  The total length of this barlow is 3-3/8" so it is a short barlow which is desirable to reduce eyepiece wobble that you get from a long barlow.
2X Achromatic Barlow lens doubles the power of any .965" eyepiece.

If not sure of the correct barrel diameter for your needs you can measure it where the chrome barrel of the eyepiece goes into the eyepiece holder of the telescope. It will either be just below an inch or will be 1.25” across as with all current Meade model telescopes.  If it is just under 1" this barlow will fit.


Looking for a quality .965" barlow?  We bought these directly from Meade as a factory close out.  They are brand new, in the original box, ready to ship! 

Meade 07276 #134 .965 2x  Barlow Lens - High Quality, Japan
  • Item #: Meade #134 Barlow
  • Manufacturer: Meade
  • Condition: New
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