Rini 1.25" 0.7X telescope reducer eyepiece barlow

New (Hand Made by Paul Rini) 1.25" diameter 0.7X reducer. Note that the one you'll be receiving will say .5 on it, but after personally testing it, I can say that this is indeed a .7x. This is just like a barlow, but instead of increasing power it reduces power. Why would you need this? It will give you a wider field view for visual views or CCD IMAGING!! Designed especially for use with new CCD eyepiece units. Reduce the effective focal length of your telescope by 7/10. (ex. f/10 to f/7) Coated achromatic reduction system needs 25mm in-focus. Machined aluminum. 2.8" height. Set screw holds CCD or 35mm cameras. Accepts 1.25" accessories and fit 1.25" focusers. Threaded for 1.25" filters. Dust caps. You could pay over $100 for this item!

Rini 1.25" 0.7X telescope reducer eyepiece barlow
  • Item #: Rini 1.25" .7x barlow
  • Manufacturer: Paul Rini
  • Condition: New
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Price $19.99