Meade Telescope 2 inch Extension Tube 07474 #868 NEW!


This is a 2" extension tube for many Meade newtonians with 2" metal rack and pinion focusers.
This includes models from the 1980's and 1990's.  The reason you would use this on your metal focuser is so that you could put your primary mirror forward 2" so you could achieve focus with your camera, then when you were using the scope visually the focus point would be too high for just the focuser height alone, so you screw this 2" extension tube on the focuser and now your scope is focusing with eyepieces again.  This is a quality brand new item from Meade in the original box.  It is made of aluminum and anodized.  If you have an older Meade newtonian reflector telescope and want to be able to do photography and visual without moving the primary mirror back and forth in the tube all the time, get one of these!

Meade Telescope 2 inch Extension Tube 07474 #868 NEW!
  • Item #: Meade 07474 2" ext tube #868
  • Manufacturer: Meade
  • Condition: New
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Price $9.99