1.25" Meade LT Yellow #8 Eyepiece Filter Series 4000

This is a brand new high quality Series 4000 Meade 1.25" screw on Light Yellow #8 filter. Useful in observing red and orange colored phenomena in the belts of Jupiter and in enhancing the level of observable detail of small orange-red zonal features within the belts of the planet.  Increases contrast of maria on Mars, also results in improved resolution of detail on Uranus and Neptune in telescopes 10" in aperture and larger.  A popular filter for the enhancement of lunar features with telescopes of 8" aperture and smaller.  
This is a quality Meade brand - made in Japan and coated on both sides.  It has a Metal cell and full size optical glass filter material.  Also it comes with a nice plastic padded protective case. Grab a great deal on a nice filter!

1.25" Meade LT Yellow #8 Eyepiece Filter Series 4000
  • Item #: Meade #8 Yellow 4000 Series
  • Manufacturer: Meade
  • Condition: New
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Price $9.99