6x30mm xhair Erect Image right angle finderscope & Brkt- White

6x30mm Right Angle Crosshair Finderscope with Bracket - White

Brand new erect image finderscope.  SAVE YOUR NECK!  It is very hard to use a straight through finder near the zenith, but this scope eliminates that problem!   This has an erect image but it is mirror reversed so not totally correct, but the upright image is much nicer to view through than an upside down view.  This finder comes with a nice 3.5" tall bracket with mounting holes 7/8" apart for easy mounting.  The focusing is very easy.  Just rotate the eyepiece till the image is clear.  One reason is that the objective or 30mm lens in front is a single lens, the eyepiece is a simple huygens eyepiece with 2 lenses.  The view is much better than the standard 5x24MM finders.  But do not expect a view as nice as the $50 to $100 6x30 right angle finders.  If you have an inexpensive scope and want to upgrade the 5x24 finder without breaking the bank, buy one of these! We also have these available in blue.

6x30mm xhair Erect Image right angle finderscope & Brkt- White
  • Item #: 6x30mm Erect - white
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