Tasco 2.3x Barlow lens for .965" diameter telescopes

.965" Tasco 2.3x  Barlow lens

Brand new but no box, Tasco 2.3X barlow lens for telescopes that use .965" eyepieces.  This is a nice barlow lens and fairly short, only 4.25" long which is shorter than most of the 3x barlows and gives a better image.   You can use it with a newtonian reflector telescope or a refractor.  With a refractor you put the barlow in the .965" focuser and then the diagonal goes into the barlow.  This will not allow you to come to focus in every scope, but most scopes work with it and when you can use this it is very clear and contrasty compared to the 3x ones.  Put this in your scope first, then put a .965" eyepiece into the top of it.  Now your magnification is 2.3 times more than with the eyepiece alone!  More power, YEAH!



Tasco 2.3x  Barlow lens for .965" diameter telescopes
  • Item #: Tasco 2.3x shorty barlow .965"
  • Manufacturer: Tasco
  • Condition: New
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Price $7.49